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Q. What do you mean by Architectural Animation?

Architectural animation is a computer generated movie of a building or township before its actual construction. A computerized project, which can be of townships, hospitals, bungalows, stadiums, villas, or any building, can be made along with landscaping/peripheral details and sometimes moving humans and automobiles.

Architectural rendering is a single image from a mono point of view but architectural animation is a series of thousands of still images. When these images are taken together and played back they produce a movie effect.

3D architectural animation is created using blueprints, photographs, design concepts floor plans, CAD plans, layout, and technical specifications. The end result of Architectural animation is available to you on I-Phones, I-Pads, Android phones, Blackberry cell phones, Windows, Mac book, PC, or touch-screens.

It’s a movie which is artificially created by software on computer which gives a real movie feel. In Architectural animation, colours, textures, realistic materials are applied to the 3d models. Once the materials are included, realistic lighting conditions are added and a photorealistic image of the project is rendered.

All of this can be done before the project is actually built, giving designers and realtors a realistic view of the completed project. It gives a clear idea about the building from each and every angle along with a visual on core construction activities.

Q. What is Architectural Visualization?

3D Architectural visualization is picturization of the architectural structure and its 3 dimensional virtual presentation on the devices before its actual construction. Computerized 3D architectural presentations help to communicate the design ideas. It is majorly used by architects, builders, engineers, and individual client.

Architectural visualization has following services:

  1. 3D Interior View.
  2. 3D Night View.
  3. Bird’s Eye View.
  4. Cut Section/ Isometric View.
  5. 3D walkthroughs.
  6. Landscape View.
  7. 3D renderings.

In due course this service with its constant inventive skills & up gradation in technology took architectural industries to a new height.

Q. What do you mean by 3D Rendering?

3D Rendering is a computer procedure of producing an image based on three-dimensional data with non-photorealistic rendering or 3D photorealistic effects which is similar to photography or cinematography as here too one lights and stages scenes and produces images. Here the scenes being photographed are non-existent, and everything needs to be created much before its actual construction.

The three-dimensional data could be a complete scene comprising of geometric models of diversified three dimensional objects, landscapes, buildings. Artists need to develop this scene by animating and modelling before the rendering.

To render all of the frames of the complete animated movie can involve 100s of computer systems working continuously for several weeks or years

Latest three dimensional rendering technologies and advanced computer graphics helps designers, developers and property developers to save cash by cutting cost and shortening development stages.

Q. What is Photoshop Rendering?

Photoshop or Illustrator Rendering is creative computer procedure for creating a picture similar to three-dimensional data with two dimensional photorealistic effects or non-photorealistic/ graphical rendering.

Procedure for illustrator rendering is comparable to those of the three dimensional rendering. However detailing is same in 2D rendering but you can produce one picture, not a 4 sides’ picture on it.

2D rendering sights guarantees aesthetically enhanced, realistic and accurate display of the outside and inside. Photorealistic renderings mix creativeness and talent to lead to an outstanding presentations and views.

2D rendering takes a shorter period to accomplish as rival three dimensional rendering. However the display quality of three dimensional rendering is much better than 2D rendering. Thus three dimensional rendering comes with an edge on Illustrator rendering, however the price of latter is sort of cheaper.

Civil engineers, property designers, designers, landscape designers, designers and anyone who is associated with three dimensional architectural rendering construction and designs business may use illustrator rendering services to visualise the ultimate product, and simply explain their suggestions to their customers. Even the services are very helpful for marketing purpose.

2D rendering is definitely an option once the budget from the client is low and the timeframe is less. If however both of these restrictions are overlooked, three dimensional rendering is much better solution than 2D rendering when quality and detailing is needed.

Q. What is photo realistic 3D rendering?

There are two types of renderings. One is architectural presentation where the best element of building is enhanced. The second one is photo realistic 3D rendering. It is a realistic imprint of a structure which we see from our naked eye. This Rendering helps the clients to visualise their dream project in an easy method. Using Photo realistic three dimensional Rendering, abstract blueprints are introduced to existence by creating three dimensional architectural rendering with a fusion of perfect design, stunning clearness and lavish colours. Thus clients obtain a truly immersive experience with an architectural three dimensional rendering.

Photo realistic three dimensional Rendering helps Designers, Visualizers and Renderers to follow along with standards and specifications in line with the client requirement and define project execution methodology to help keep abreast with client requirement. Visualizers and renderers create photo-realistic models by using the real existence like materials, textures, colours, lighting and shadows towards the models and creating appropriate atmosphere around it with landscape, plant life and humans.

Photo realistic 3D Rendering can be useful for:

  • Photo-realistic Exterior Sights for any kind of project using the real existence atmosphere for example plant life, results of different lighting conditions (sunlight and shadows), landscape, peripheral, human activities etc.
  • Photo-realistic Interior Sights for any kind of Building including Kitchen, Family Room, Bed room, Bathroom, Storage Room, Corridors, Reception Desk, Office Workplace, Lobby, Terrace garden, Garage etc.

Photo realistic three dimensional Rendering Services are advantageous for marketing and presentation to some large degree. Photorealistic three dimensional Rendering supplies an aesthetically striking effect to structures, site, landscape etc.

Q. What does Photomontage rendering mean?

Photomontage Rendering is a procedure where we fit the rendered building or a bungalow images in the actual site’s photograph. The rendered images are added to the desired location of the actual site. Thus people could get an insight of the building and the area in which it is to be placed. With Photomontage rendering, one can not only have a perfect idea of the placement of the desired home but can also have a glance over the locality and surroundings.

Q. Can you tell us about the usage of 3D views?

Three dimensional Sights give a transparency towards the clients and also the audiences. The sights are prepared much prior to the actual construction. Thus it possesses a great help whenever you will find major or minor changes.

Without three dimensional Sights a slight change can produce a large amount of difference in the work place. So you can imagine yourself just how much a significant change will really make a difference without three dimensional views.

If you are planning for three dimensional sights, you may make ample of changes based on your wish without getting much wastage of cash, brains and time.

Q. Why should one have better quality 3D views?

Higher quality three dimensional views end up being an excellent boon in constructions. Specifically for the interiors, three dimensional views supplies a distinct description concerning the furniture layout, flooring particulars, wallpapers used, sanitary wares, elevations, tiles and texture i.e. each and every particulars that'll be needed and useful within the implementation of the work.

Apart from interiors, higher quality three dimensional sights play an important role in exteriors .For e.g. Builder is going to know much prior to the actual completion of his project about the way the structures with elevations. Therefore if any changes are needed to be made, they may be done easily with the help of three dimensional views.

Q. Does 3D view help in constructions?

Yes, of course! Without three dimensional views even when there's a small alternation in elevation, colour combination, layouts, furniture layout, there will be a drastic change at construction site.

Again there would be wastage of money, brains and time. Just by having a 3d view you can avoid a lot of wastage. After construction or throughout construction you might seem like to alter the colour combination or add terrace garden or perhaps provide a floor. Without three dimensional views it might be a complete blunder.

Q. Are 3D views technically correct?

Three dimensional views are technically a lot more correct as compared to hand crafted sketches. They are based on actual dimensions like feet, metres, inches and other parameters. When the views are completed the architecture and the civil engineers will go through them. Thus when they feel any modifications are needed, they are able to perform the necessary changes.

Technically three dimensional views are correct because they provide us with an entire understanding of the region, width, height, sections, layouts, layout plans. Also they provide us tough ideas concerning the landscape and peripheral particulars.

Three dimensional views provide details about the parking and also the canopy area. Thus with three dimensional views it might be super easy for the architects and civil engineers to direct the people by making the necessary changes and implement it at actual site.

Q. Are 3D Views are technically correct?

3d views are technically much more correct as compare to hand made drawings. Once the views are completed the architecture and the civil engineers can go through them. Thus if they feel any modifications are required, they can do the needful changes. Technically 3d views are correct because 3d views gives us a complete idea about the area, width, height, sections, floor plans, layout plans. Also they give us a rough ides about the landscape and the peripheral details. 3d views provides information about the parking and the canopy area. Thus with 3d views it becomes very easy for the architecture and the civil engineers to guide the people at the construction site and make the needful changes, so as to implement the project in real.

Q. Can changes in 3D views be made easily?

Creating changes tend to be simpler in three dimensional views instead of actual work. Three dimensional views provide the understanding of the work like layouts, layout plans, height, sections, elevations that has to be accomplished.

Thus any error or defect which is technically not achievable in real life needs to be rectified as soon as possible. Without three dimensional views it might be tough to make changes or modifications in the work place.

On the other hand detecting errors and determining design defects become super easy with three dimensional views and that too without getting much wastage of cash, brains and time.

Q. Why should a client go for night view of his project?

During the night the structures, row houses, townships, etc looks much more beautiful when its jewelled top is illuminated with glowing yellow lights. Every evening when we gaze glittering skyline, we see the Structures outfitted in yellows, or blues, or any crazy colour combination, in celebration of some occasion or holiday.

Aside from bird’s eye view, evening view plays an important role in exterior. It's a lucrative service for Designers, Property designers, Infrastructure companies, Designers, Advertising houses.

Q. Can I get the same material shown in the views for implementation purpose too?

The types of materials and also the furniture that's being presented in three dimensional views could be implemented in real world too. Actual particulars from the materials and furniture could be presented to the customer with the help of catalogue coding. Kind of wood used, cladding, garden décor, grills, fencing and walls, flooring particulars, tiles and texture, chandelier, lighting, curtains, wallpapers, relaxing chaise lounge, day mattress or sofa could be implemented in real life.

You just need set your financial allowance in advance, and work carefully together with your designer to make sure you stay with it.

Q. Can you explain landscape design?

Three dimensional landscape models allow designers as well as their clients to determine spaces for much better utilization before the particular work, planning or plantation begins. Three dimensional landscaping designs transform abstract ideas, sketches or blueprints into colourful, photorealistic images with depth.

Modern landscape designers think more on recent technologies to understand about ideas and talk to clients effectively. Like professional designers they require easy three dimensional landscaping designs to maximize communication through aesthetically appealing presentations.

Q. How would you explain concept design?

Concept design can focus more on a specific problem, instead of focusing on a the larger concept of business change. Concepts are methods to unsolved problems. A brand new concept could be a product, or a mix of items and services.

Q. What is the usage of walkthrough?

The term itself describes its definition. It's a virtual moving computerized presentation of the project before its real execution. This particular service is really a miracle for estate designers, contractors, property developer, industrialist, and visionary people. By using this particular service they could explain their dream project to their clients, investor, and bankers before its execution.

In comparison to primary stream three dimensional animations, walk-though animation is economical & less time consuming. We sometimes make use of the term animation for walkthrough presentation. Using the camera movement within the presentation process we do the animation processes like construction animation, industrial animation, vehicle, fittings & human animation. Because of this method the word animation can be used with walkthrough.

Three dimensional Walkthrough discloses extensive and detailed views of exterior and interior areas of the architectural design including flooring, wall colours, textures, lighting fixtures, strength, reflection, play of shadows, light-weight and impact of outer artificial and sun light from the interior view.

Q. What is a Flythrough?

It’s a camera presentation of the project in which we are able to see all the details of the project as if we are viewing the project from a chopper.

A three dimensional flythrough can be used for architectural projects, new house developments, residence developments, townships, commercial structures, industrial structures and landscapes.

Flythrough could be submitted on whatsapp and it is accessible on I-Phone, I-Pad, Android, Pc and a Mac.

Q. Can you differentiate between Walkthrough and Flythrough?

Walkthroughs and flythrough can be used in architectural projects, townships, residence developments, and home developments, industrial and commercial structures. Walkthroughs and flythrough are effective internet marketing tools for the projects. This is because they offer control and architectural visualization towards the client in the pre-build stage.

The only real distinction between walkthroughs and flythrough is the fact that flythrough is a lot more related to the interior, whereas walkthroughs can be created for both the interior and also the exterior.

A lot more detailing is referred to in walkthroughs. For instance in walkthroughs, in the touch of the screen (or perhaps a click of the mouse button), your customers can feel like he or she's entering a township or any industry. In case of flythrough more importance is offered towards the interiors and exterior is skipped.

The time period of walkthroughs is slightly more than flythrough. However when in comparison with quality and detailing, walkthroughs are a lot better than flythrough, because they deal with both interior and outside projects.

Q. Can the walkthrough be uploaded on my website?

Yes, it could be uploaded on Whatsapp too. It depends on the file size, though. It could be compressed if required.

Q. Can the walkthrough be uploaded on Whatsapp also?

Walkthroughs could be submitted on whatsapp, in accordance with the file size. Being with an application, it has some restrictions, but apart from it videos can be simply loaded on whatsapp.

Walkthroughs could be compressed to match the specifications and also the limitation of whatsapp as this application includes a quality limit of 16 megabytes for videos, music and pictures.

Among the solutions, one would be to covert the walkthroughs in a low sized format like 3gp. This can reduce the file size and you may share all of them with your buddies, family, clients etc. through Whatsapp messenger.

Even though it will reduce the standard of the video but yes it'll surely enable you to send short videos by transforming them. Using video ripper tools application is another wise decision.

An alternative choice is Whatsapp in-built video trimmer. Whatsapp has an up-to-date application with an in-built video editor that is a Video cutter which helps to get rid of the useless part of the video.

Q. Why government would go for 3D walkthrough?

Creating a proper direction, based on the required reallocation of assets and matched business unit plans, and creating a sustainable strategy development process may be the fundamental strategy for each government and non government physiques.

Walkthrough can be viewed as a great strategy tool for those government physiques to describe their dream project for their clients, investor, and bankers before its execution.

Different departments from the government physiques face numerous challenges when creating and performing the development and marketing methods and therefore walkthroughs could be useful in such situations.

Many departments neglect to distinguish a proper review in the annual budgeting process, or lack sufficient approaches for construction planning. Walkthrough provides a strategy to these issues.

Today walkthroughs have grew to become the main source for architectural industries because of its technical mission, sanctions, presentation reasons for his or her traders, clients, bankers, co-workers, branding and marketing activities..

A Walkthrough helps the government bodies in various ways, like:

  • Assists in building competitive advantage
  • Conveys branding and marketing methods to staff along with other departments
  • It Prioritizes the financial needs
  • Helps define the objective of the work
  • Analyzes business possibilities
  • It Provides structure to ideas
Q. What do you mean by Exterior View?

Exterior is understood to be "an outdoors surface: found on the outdoors" and appropriate to be used on outdoors surfaces. The outside of a house informs just as much about as the interiors.

Exterior views can be assumed as the pictorial representation of the exterior of a project.

Q. What do you mean by Interior View?

Interior view is understood to be "laying, occurring or functioning inside the restricting limitations" which helps you to tell your own story.

Q. What are the usages of Interior views?

Inside view provides you with an entire understanding of how home of your dreams would look later on. Interior views are extremely specific for individual situations.

  1. Areas:
  2. Residential, commercial and others like museum and exhibition design.

  3. Cut Costs:
  4. It could seem strange that employing anyone to decorate your house would help you save money, however “Having interior sights can assist you to avoid pricey mistakes that won't only save a little money but could increase the value of your house.�?

  5. Professional Assessment:
  6. “Interior views can provide you with an expert assessment of the situation that can result in a good strategy. An order of products inside a design plan can be edited. This won't affect your budget but enable you to stand more effectively.�?

  7. Budgeting and Planning:
  8. Interior sights will keep yourself on budget and help you save effort and time. The lighting and decorating needs are addressed before construction, essentially.

  9. Wow Factor:
  10. Interior sights will help you with the “wow�? factor you have been searching for. Getting interior views instantly let you know if there's a problem with the space. This immediate consult is a major advantage while creating aesthetic decision.

Q. Why one should go for exterior and interior design?

Exterior and interior planning encompasses not just the architectural structure appearance but also the viability of furniture, flooring, fresh paint and adornments for outside or indoor use.

Exterior design would come with the style of a garden, deck and patio, while interior planning includes everything in your home, i.e. right from the sleeping rooms to kitchen and washrooms.

One step to consider for exterior designing may be the appropriate materials for outside furniture. Positioning of furniture may be among the things to be considered for interior designing.

Q. What do you mean by virtual tour?

Virtual tour is really a replica of the existing project, usually made up of a string of videos or still images. This may also include other multimedia files for example sound effects, music, narration, and text.

Virtual tours are extremely popular in real estate industry. They are also employed for Hotels, Hospitals, Institutes, Model-Flas, and Showrooms. They're extensively accustomed to show the ground plans, and much more sophisticated options for example full-service virtual tours

Virtual tour adds a thrilling new dimension to website reaching and website visitors while dynamically featuring facilities and specifications.360 virtual tour is viewable in most products and platforms like I-Phone/I-Pad, Home windows Tablet & Android Phones.

One of the most advanced types of virtual tours include Google maps with three dimensional radar hot-spots in it including custom floor-plans that also feature spots, permitting customers a broader freedom to understand more about hotels, real-estates, hospitals, museums, structures along with other locations all over the world in new ways simply by clicking their computer's mouse button.

Q. What are the uses of 3D views?

Three dimensional Views give a transparency towards the clients and also to the audiences. The views are prepared much prior to the actual construction. Thus it possesses a great help whenever you will find major or minor changes.

Without three dimensional Views a slight change can produce a large amount of difference in the work place. You can imagine yourself how much a significant change will make a difference without three dimensional views.

If you are planning for three dimensional views, you may make ample of changes based on your wish without getting much wastage of cash, brains and time.

Q. What is a cut section?

3d presentation with the portion of the building/structure to exhibit the interior layout from the furniture/orientation is called cut section.

Q. Why does one need cut section?

Cut sections give an obvious view concerning the internal layout from the furniture and orientation. They assist the audiences to obtain the complete understanding of the interior layout of the project.

Broadly utilized by the contractors for his or her brochures that really help their customers to know the inside layout and plan of the building.

Broadly used within large scale projects where fluent orientation and ease of different department required to be seen in advance. Eg. Hospitals, malls, multiplex, industrial models etc.

Cut sections increase the value of your marketing, advertising, and inventive needs. Getting cut sections is definitely an incredible medium if you want to convince someone or persuade a committee.

Q. Can you explain bird’s view?

Bird’s eye view is definitely an Arial representation of the project to exhibit the structure using its layout and required peripheral/landscape particulars. We are able to define it as being a view from the high altitude which enables you to view large space around the project which may be a township or perhaps a simple bungalow.

Bird’s eye view can be used in the creation of blueprints, layouts and maps. The Bird's Eye photos are tilted at 40 degrees instead of being straight lower. Other synonyms of birds eye view are: Aerial View and Aerial Viewpoint.

Q. What is the importance of bird’s eye view in presentation?

Bird’s eye view discloses extensive and detailed views from the exterior areas of the architectural design including wall colours, textures, and reflection, landscape and peripheral particulars from the structure, impact of outer artificial and sun light.

Bird’s eye view adds value for your marketing, advertising, and inventive needs. It's also a highly effective medium to convince someone or persuade a committee.

This particular service is a miracle for real estate designers, contractors, property developer, Advertising houses, industrialist, and visionary people. By using this particular service they could explain their dream project to their clients, investor, and bankers before its execution.