Selecting The Colours Of A Roof And Building Facade Using 3D Rendering

Digital technology has enabled professionals to collaborate with the object in an intimate manner even before the working draft emerges. Designing a digital model of a building, home or a shopping centre might take a few days.

However, once the 3D architectural visualization is done, any changes can be done in the software with just a few clicks.

Fundamentals of Choosing Colours

There can be a number of nuances involved in the selection of the right colour for a building and often, it can be difficult to create the perfect combination that will match the customer requirements. Some colours are known to create harmony while many others work great individually but can create a conflict when put together in the same building. Some of the common colour rules to be applied while choosing facade colours include:

  • The walls colours must be similar to those of the roofs
  • To create a winning combination, use derivatives of the same colour
  • Bright and vibrant colours look good on new buildings and simple facades

How Architectural Visualization Contributes in Finalization

Roof materials and building colours can look different in sunlight and street lights. Designers are able to change the lighting in visualization and easily depict the changes in the building’s look to clients, making it easy for them to see the final picture. This works great for clients who don’t possess the strongest imagination skills as they can actually see the building life-like. Investors and buyers are also often attracted when they see how the building will look at different times of the day. The virtual designs can sustain countless numbers of repainting and sampling, giving clients an opportunity to try multiple combinations and achieve an individualistic result.

When clients approve the colours based on photo-realistic renderings, there is hardly any scope for misunderstandings at the end of the work, ensuring that all parties involved in the construction – customer’s concepts, engineer’s ideas and designer’s implementation are seamlessly delivered.

Colour schemes play a vital role in setting the mood of the building and giving it a unique character. With the advent of technology in 3D architectural visualization, all contractors, developers and builders are choosing to experiment with their colour choices in the 3D version and selecting the best colours for their buildings in the final version.