3D Creation Of Building Projects For Presentations

Architects and builders start off with an idea for a project at which point they draw it on paper to add some visualization to their thoughts. When executed it is an excellent plan with exact dimensions and a rendering of what they want the space to look like when it is done but it is a shell instead of a complete drawing because it is only lines on paper. You can have an artist add color and put it to paper as well but you are still talking about a 2D image that is flat and so imagination must be used to picture what it would look like from various angles.

A more efficient way of presenting this type of idea especially when trying to market it to investors is through architectural visualization in a 3D computer program, which will bring the concept to life and make it feel and look real. These images can be created from a bird’s eye view, day or night backdrop and many other perspectives to give it a touchable feeling complete with lights, traffic and environmental elements.

Investors and the design team can see what the finished product should look like with details from the outside and then maneuver into the building to see the rooms and individual layouts.

Advanced technology has made architectural visualization the latest and greatest tool for architects, builders, engineers and clients who know what they want but need to be able to see it in a ‘real time’ format in order to give final approval. It is ideal for presentations, projects and ensuring accuracy throughout the process. Specialized vendors who work with these resources can be found online with a portfolio or examples of the work they do so that the clients know what they are purchasing from the beginning. No more guessing or using the imagination to visualize a building project of apartments, home or business site when you can easily partner with this technological resource and have them built it for you. Give them the necessary information and watch them bring it to life in a short period of time so you can see what your dream will look like in the end.